Areas of Expertise

Accident Investigation and Analysis

SEMTRC conducts the Accident Investigation and Analysis Course as part of an ongoing series of training that focuses on accident reconstruction and the discovery of causal factors. Students learn how to prepare an accident site diagram, take accident scene photos, conduct witness interviews, and prepare formal accident reports and briefings for senior management. The key component of the briefings is the development of specific findings and recommendations that become the cornerstone of accident prevention. The SEMTRC approach uses actual accident scenarios during our training, which gives the students hands on experience while conducting real world accident investigations. The course is tailored to the client’s need and can include aviation, ground, or workplace accidents.

Additional Duty Safety Officer (ADSO)

The ADSO course provides newly appointed safety officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) with the tools necessary to accomplish the requirements of an Army Safety Program as outlined by AR 385-10, NG Supplement to AR 385-10, and state-specific guidelines. The ADSO course teaches students how to conduct facility safety inspections, job hazard analysis, shop safety program management, tactical safety, accident/incident investigation, reporting, hazards management process, and much more.

The SEMTRC Team uses an established Army ADSO curriculum, modified to fit specific audience needs combined with relevant scenarios and specifically tailored practical exercises. We developed these instructor-led training courses around the ARNG’s approach with the intent of creating a population of well-trained safety officers ready to be effective as they serve in support of the state and ARNG missions.

Aviation Safety Officer Refresher

The Aviation Safety Officer Refresher Course includes review and instruction of the most current Army, ARNG, state policies and guidelines regarding the management of an Aviation Safety Program. The course also covers accident causation, trends, and risk mitigation within the aviation and ground communities, safety system review, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for the ARNG. This course allows aviation safety professionals to focus on effectiveness and execution, as well as trend analysis, which is key for the command in the prevention of future accidents. This course also covers trends found in the Army Resource Management Survey (ARMS). In addition to reviewing successful program management techniques, we also share best practices being used effectively throughout the Army and the National Guard.

The Semtrc Team uses an established U.S. Army, ARNG safety training curriculum, modified to fit specific audience needs, and uses relevant scenarios to fit specific hands-on exercises. We developed these instructor-led, three-day training course to help the Army aviation community remain as current and effective, as possible.

OSHA Training and Certification Courses

Since OSHA was founded, it has reduced workplace fatalities by 66% by establishing federal standards, including training and general safety requirements. Whether it is the general industry standard or the construction standard, Semtrc instructors are experienced in both domains and will teach students the requirements for compliance and effective program management.

Depending on industry, Semtrc OSHA training programs include, but are not limited to: Construction and General Industry Safety, Supervisor / Competent Person Certification, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM) Training, Forklift and Heavy Equipment Training, Scaffolding, 10 and 30–Hour Certifications, General Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Training.

The Semtrc Team uses an established OSHA-approved curriculum modified to fit specific audience needs and uses relevant scenarios of most workplace environments. We developed these instructor-led training course to help supervisors and leaders remain current and effective, as possible. Many online courses cover this material, but are unable to impart best practices and provide “how to” instruction. All Semtrc courses are conducted on-site which yields a better understanding of the material and ultimately, a more compliant and effective program.

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