Rusoh Fire Extinguisher


Be Prepared. Be Protected.

Discover revolutionary fire protection from Rusoh, Inc. with the industry’s only self-service, multi-purpose, reloadable, dry chemical fire extinguisher. With a patented fluffing wheel, the Rusoh Eliminator is always ready to go when you need it most. Remove costly service calls from your budget with the self-service feature. Get safe, reliable, and easy-to-use fire protection with the Rusoh Eliminator!

Available in 2.5 lb capacity, and 5.0 lb BC and ABC capacities. Current inventory is 2018 units with eight years of commercial life and full eight year warranty. All UL certified and compliant. Some states may require additional licensing and maintenance for use in commercial settings.

Already have a Rusoh Eliminator Fire Extinguisher? Purchase all of your refills, accessories, and mounting equipment right here! We offer a 5 lb fire extinguisher marine/vehicle bracket, a fluffing wrench, and recharge wrench sets for your Rusoh Eliminator. You can even self-service your current Rusoh BC or ABC fire extinguisher with our recharge kit.

Get everything you need (and more) for ultimate fire protection!

Rusoh Fire Extinguisher

Looking for Government Pricing? Save More By Buying Bulk.

Save more by buying your Rusoh fire extiguishers in BULK! Large orders are perfect for government facilities, military bases, and other large buildings. Get a discount when you purchase 60 or more 2.5 lb extinguishers, or 45 or more 5 lb extinguishers.